• POPAI Research Webinar - Salty Snack Category

    Presented by Madeline Baumgartner

  • POPAI Research Webinar - The Candy Category

    Presented by Madeline Baumgartner, POPAI Research Manager

  • POPAI's Compliance Initiative Study

    Presented By: Madeline Baumgartner, POPA Research Manager

  • POPAI Women's League: Marketing Yourself in the Industry

    Presented by Patricia Weiland

  • How to Make Shopper Data Actionable: Private Label vs. National Brand Shoppers

    Presented by Madeline Baumgartner

  • The End of the (Retail) World

    Presented by Gregory Smith

  • Compliance & In-Store Marketing’s Other Dirty Little Secrets Part.

    Presented by Dr. Hugh Phillips, PhD

  • Intellectual Property Issues

    Presented by Mark I. Feldman

  • Intro Into Digital Signage

    From POPAI’s Marketing at Retail Textbook

  • The Paradox of Choice

    Presented by Dr. Hugh Phillips, PhD