The Best Super Bowl XLVIII Ads



The Super Bowl game wasn’t much of a competition, but at least the ads were. We were live tweeting the commercials and everyone was a tough critic this year. I don’t know if it’s because we follow a bunch of marketers or if we all have too high of expectations for ads.

Before we get statistical evidence, I’d like to predict the Top Five Super Bowl XLVIII Ads, in no specific order.

1. Budweiser Puppy. Twitter was raving about the Budweiser puppy due to its commercial preview and twitter account(you have to be 21+ to follow).

Why it worked: The combination of a cute puppy, the brand’s iconic Clydesdale horses and the emotional background music of Passenger “Let Her Go” made everyone love this commercial.

2. Hyundai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense.” A rare Dad commercial, but it was a success.

Why it worked: A little bit of slapstick comedy, another touching background song, and acknowledging dads will definitely make this commercial one of the top picks.

3. Microsoft’s “Empowering.” Former NFL player Steve Gleason uses technology to communicate with his son.

Why it works: It was relevant to the game because it was a former NFL player, it was touching to see technology change lives, and it was overall, really moving.

4. Jaguar “Rendezvous.” Bring together all the British villains

Why it works: Jaguar pinpoints that a lot of villains are British. You have to really pay attention to the script or you won’t think the commercial is funny, but it’s very clever of Jaguar to do this. At least it’ll get the vote of patriotic folk.

5. Wonderful Pistachios “Stephen Colbert”

Why it works: Both are a little kooky, but they work. Having a two part commercial probably cost a lot, but the part two of the commercial was clever. Also have to love that they shouted out branding.

Runner ups: Beats “Ellen DeGeneres” / Audi “Doberhuahua” / Toyota “The Muppets” / H&M “David Beckham”

Bonus: Esurance Save 30

This commercial is going viral. Everyone on twitter is using #Esurance30 in hopes of winning $1.5 million. It was very clever of them to “save” money by getting the commercial right after the super bowl. Having John Kraskini as the actor was a good thing too!

We’ll be keeping up with the real stats and get back to you with the actual most viewed ads later. Until then, what was your favorite ad of the night?



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