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2013 is gone and 2014 is here. Let’s take a look at how our 2013 predictions unfolded and what might be in the in store marketing and shopper marketing future. Last year we had  10 predictions in retail tech and 5 overall Retail Trends, but this year we’re going to do predictions covering all retail and shopper marketing.

Overview of 2013 Trend Predictions

Omnichannel shoppers will become more prevalent, thus making retailers to spend more on displays: This definitely did happen. Our predictions of “we won’t just be talking about omnichannel as a necessity; we’ll actually be employing it” did come to fruition. With shoppers being more engaged with mobile devices while shopping and having a more frequent use of computers, omnichannel shoppers aren’t really a hot topic any more. It’s a given. Brands, agencies, etc. have embraced this and are coming up with more interactive displays to catch the shoppers attention.

Retailers will use more data to drive sales: I think the only thing I have to say is “big data.”

The time is right to break down marketing silos: It may have been the right time, but there are still silos.

Retailers will encourage “Stop Start Shoppers”: This will always be a trend in the retail world. The main goal of displays is to stop the shopper. You can see all the successful displays in our Creative Gallery (must be opened in a web browser other than Safari).

Retailers will invest more money in technology in store and include more web and mobile-based technologies:  This came true. A lot of stores like Walmart, Target, etc. have apps that can be launched in store and they’ll help you navigate the aisles. Did you take a look at our post and album reporting on the newest Chicago Walgreens location? Almost every aisle or department have tablets incorporated into their displays whether it be playing a video, offering a new product, or showing real-time product reviews. Technology in stores only became more prevalent in 2013.

Embrace showrooming benefits and commit to price transparency: Another prediction that came to fruition. I think you can watch Best Buy’s holiday campaign and see why I say so.

Shoppers Crave impeccable in-store service over self-service: This is a toss-up. Like Lindsay said, “It really depends on the in-store environment and on the shoppers that frequent the shop.” It’s good to have both options to make sure all potential shoppers are happy with their experiences.

Social Media’s impact on shopping will soar: True again. The impact of Twitter and Facebook may be decreasing, but look at Pinterest.*Piqora found that Pinterest doubled the revenue sent to retailers on Black Friday, and more than tripled the revenue (up by 3.6x) on Cyber Monday, when compared with the 30-day average preceding the Thanksgiving holiday (*as reported by Tech Crunch)

All in all our predictions came true. Looks like we know what we’re talking about. Speaking of talking about, take a look at our top 10 blogs of 2013 before you read our 2014 predictions.


Top 5 2014 Predictions

We can’t take all of the credit for coming up with these predictions, so thank you for all who tweeted and posted on our Facebook wall with your suggestions.

1. Pinterest will continue to rise in importance for in-store shopping experiences. The correct use of Pinterest helps shoppers, brands and retailers. Shoppers get to see what’s on trend and people around the world are liking. Stores like Target, Topshop, and Nordstrom already show Pinterest icons on their most pinned items to help drive sales. For brands and retailers, this is a great way to get shopper insights and help with product development. You’re getting real-time feedback of your products which can help with stock level, product sales, and more. Just take a look at our growing Pinterest Board about Pinterest in stores.

2. The use of tablets and touch screens in displays and POS will increase. AKA increase of experiential design to bring the shopper back into the store. Walking through the new Walgreens it was evident that tablets are the future for aisle, display and retail design. There are endless possibilities with tablets. There’s mobile check-out, video can play in every aisle, shoppers can write reviews in store, shoppers can share their interests on social media while shopping, and so much more. They create less space, but can have a bigger influence on a shopping experience.

3. Services and products (CPG) marketed to parents worried about overweight kids. This came from our Twitter follower Michael Luce and we agree. Health is a key topic and 2014 might be the year that in store marketing works for this cause.

4. Advanced personalized messaging from brands and retailers especially during in store shopping experiences. This relates to big data which is still going to continue on as a hot topic. Facebook already has Facebook wifi, stores are using Pinterest, brands are on Instagram. Most of all shoppers are tied into social media and data gatherers that assist with developing detailed information about shopper behaviors. It’s only the logical step to start using that data to send more personalized messages to shoppers while they’re in all stores.

5. Mass customization to make products more special. Shoppers want to feel special but be on trend at the same time. The best way to do customization is with monogramming, customized colors, etc. But this can also extend into a shopper’s overall shopping experience. Retailers will need to figure out how to  offer a more customized experience whether online or in the store with customer profiles.

What do you think? Do you agree? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.


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