Retailers Joining the Restaurant Business

picture via Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images
picture via picture via Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

After a long shopping spree I’ve been known to say, “Man, I worked up an appetite from all that shopping.” I’d like to think retailers are listening to me because more retailers are opening restaurants. Brooks Brothers and Saks Fifth Avenue recently announced that they will be opening restaurants in certain locations, and Ralph Lauren is looking into opening another restaurant in New York.

This isn’t a new trend, but one that looks like it might be on the rise again. Is this a way to get more shoppers into brick-and-mortars or a way to entice our foodie nation?

Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama all have restaurants in or attached to their stores. Banana Republic and Ann’s Loft stores are known for happy hours and events with drinks, so it seems like Brooks Brothers and Saks Fifth Ave. are on the right tracks for increased sales.

The Post and NPR have both reported that Brooks Brothers is hoping to open a steakhouse connected to their Manhattan flagship store. You can expect to buy a nice suit and a nice steak at the same time by end of next summer.

Saks Fifth Ave.’s restaurant Sophie’s is named after the American fashion designer Sophie Gimbel and it will offer an American cuisine with global influences. It is slated to open in Chicago January 2014.

Which retailer will be next?




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