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Shopper Marketing is not only the business weåre in, itås also a term that has rapidly gained buzz and relevance in todayås marketing landscape. But what exactly is Shopper Marketing, and how is it different? Shopper Marketing includes all marketing stimuli; developed with a deep understanding of shopping behavior, designed to build brand equity, engage the shopper, and lead him/her to make a purchase. Further,critical to Shopper Marketing is strategic integration with retailers and their marketing agendas to create relevant programs for their shoppers. However, before retail integration becomes a focus, brands must better understand their consumer/shopper relationship. By more clearly defining the difference between consumers and shoppers, the imperative role of Shopper Marketing in brand communication begins to take shape. At what point does a consumer become a shopper? Is it when they step in the store, or is it when they realize a product need/desire and begin thinking, researching, and planning that purchase? Once that purchase is made, what is the experience of usage and post-purchase engagement?



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