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The first I heard of the Pepsi Refresh Project was last November, when an AssociatedPress reporter called to ask my opinion of it. The news was that Pepsi was going to spend $20 million to fund local, community projects created and voted on by Pepsi drinkers. My opinion was ¥ and still is ¥ that Pepsi was leading the way into a new era of brands as something more than just symbols. “They need to be showing that they care and they need to be visible and they need to be authentic in the neighborhood,à I told the reporter. “Itås not just allocating several million dollars and writing a check.àTo be honest, I had been critical of Pepsi prior to this. When they launched their new ad campaign last year, I was leery because it seemed like they had adopted the style of social responsibility but not the substance. Pepsiås new logo ¥ and their messaging ¥ looked a lot like the Obama campaignås and it appeared that maybe they were just trying to catch his wave for as long as they could. It all looked a bit shallow.



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