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Mitch Albom had his lunch with Morrie, which had an impact on his life, and my lunches with Tim do the same for me. Our lunches are always about making people think, smile, and realize that sometimes thereås a different way of thinking that can lead to a more creative solution. These lunches are always about the truth. They always begin with whatås new with shoppers and retailers and their collaborative relationship. In years past, when we talked about brand loyalty, our assumption was that whatever you wanted to do at retail could be done.Thatås not true today. We now also have to consider what can be done with the retailer, and that affects what we can do to build brand loyalty.The second issue concerns the difference between what retailers and brands say, and what they do.This dichotomy intrigues me. The reality is that some marketers develop plans based on who they are, how they live and what they do, versus whom they are marketing to and what they can do for them.



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