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The advertising industry espouses many points of view on the best way to win shoppers and buyers.The 30-second television commercial was once considered the best avenue. More recently, employing former Procter & GambleCEO Alan G. Lafleyås “First Moment of Truthàconcept, agencies have focused on the in-store environment to heighten the appeal of products at that key moment when a consumer makes a buying decision at the shelf.Then, as the Lafley concept evolved, it generatedthe notion of store back ¥ when an idea is executed first in the retail environment before focusing on other communication touch-points. Today, we need to recognize the enormous impact of technology and how it can create many interactions between a consumer and a brand before the consumer ever sees a product on the shelf. Shoppers simply arenåt limited any longer to whatås on any retailerås shelf because now everything is available online.



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