POPAI publishes a variety of print and electronic news briefs and magazines directed to practitioners and academics. Considered leaders in their respective fields, these publications provide readers with leading edge ideas, strategic thinking and practical solutions to challenges facing marketers.

imPULSE: An Electronic Publication of POPAI

Looking for the most relevant marketing at retail news in a convenient, concise format? If so, be sure to checkout imPULSE, POPAI’s twice weekly electronic news brief delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Friday after noon.

Journal of Marketing at Retail (JMAR)

JMAR is an academically peer-reviewed global publication produced by POPAI. JMAR readership includes senior management from global brands, multinational retailers, transnational agencies and manufacturers.


A compilation of all things POPAI from around the globe, this publication is a must read and only available to POPAI Chapter staff members. This publication, distributed electronically bimonthly, profiles the myriad accomplishments and standards of excellence that are being put forth by POPAI Chapters all around the globe.

Interactive Briefings

POPAI produces a quarterly professional interactive electronic briefing to help you keep in touch with the latest developments in the marketing at retail profession. Interactive Briefings, prepared by key POPAI Staff and Members of the Board of Directors, are a useful practice tool to facilitate your understanding of the most recent marketing at retail issues and to assist you and your team with tackling those issues head-on through a variety of programs offered by POPAI.