Professional Certification

The Marketing at Retail Certification (MaRC) program is a career-long commitment that proves to your peers and your organization that you are driven to be successful in marketing at retail. Earning your MaRC credentials can

  • Increase your professional confidence
  • Set you apart from your peers
  • Result in greater respect from the organization in which you work

How it Works

Enrollees in POPAI’s MaRC program receive credits by attending seminars at POPAI sponsored events and other approved events. Each program attended is assigned a credit value by POPAI. In addition to credits for attending events, enrollees can earn credit by serving on a committee or volunteering for the OMA Awards.

After nine credits have been earned in each of the three required categories, the Enrollee becomes eligible to take the Marketing at Retail Certification exam. The exam, which is online and can be taken at any time during the year, consists of 100 multiple choice questions about marketing at retail. Once the exam has been passed, individuals can identify themselves as MaRC’s on business cards and letterhead.

>>Download the MaRC Brochure & Application

MaRC Awardees

More than thirty industry leaders currently hold the Marketing at Retail Certified (MaRC) designation. The MaRC designation signifies that these individuals are proficient and knowledgeable in all areas of marketing at retail and have demonstrated their commitment to the continued advancement and professionalism of the industry. The industry professionals who have achieved this high honor and can proudly place the MaRC designation after their names are listed below.

Ms. Nicki Albrecht, MaRC
SVP, Sales & Marketing | VIDPro Inc.

Ms. Julia Allenby, MaRC

Mr. Steve Bartolucci, MaRC

Ms. Barbara Borghi, MaRC
Merchandising Manager | Western Union Financial Services International

Mr. John L. Bourquin, MaRC
Vice President Sales | Bert-Co

Ms. Joann Brandis, MaRC

Mr. Christopher P. Bull, MaRC
CEO/President | Taurus Display Corporation

Mr. Chuck Burns, MaRC

Mr. Jerry Carter, MaRC
Vice President Sales | Rapid Displays

Ms. Jennifer Cintron, MaRC
Account Executive | Rapid Displays

Mr. Peter J. Corren, MaRC
President | Corren Display Group

Ms. Kelly Fischer, MaRC
Account Executive | Rapid Displays

Mr. David L. Foster, MaRC
Marketing at-Retail Specialist | Great Northern Corporation

Ms. Michelle Glaser Jackson, MaRC
MacKenzie Marketing Group

Mr. Chuck Godfrey
Senior Design Specialist | RockTenn

Ms. Kathy Hammond, MaRC

Mr. Larry C. Haugen, MaRC

Mr. H. Aaron Henschel, MaRC
President | Henschel-Steinau, Inc.

Mr. Richard S. Heyderman, MaRC
President | Multi Dimensional Resources

Mr. Kenneth W. Howard, MaRC
Consultant | Thorco Industries, Inc.

Mr. Harry Knabb, MaRC
Senior Vice President | Trans World Marketing

Mr. Peter Kornhaber, MaRC
Regional Vice President | Rapid Displays

Mr. Brian McCormick, MaRC
Vice President, Sales & Marketing | Rapid Displays

Mr. Michael R. Lauber, MaRC
President & Chief Executive Officer | Tusco Display

Mr. Patrick J. Manna, MaRC

Ms. Lisa Mittchell, MaRC
Director of Sales | LINPAC Displays, Inc.

Mr. Greg Moore, MaRC
General Manager | LINPAC Displays, Inc.

Mr. F. Pat Pack, MaRC
National Accounts Sales Representative | LINPAC Displays, Inc.

Mr. Thomas Petroni, MaRC
President | Taurus Display Corporation

Ms. Connie Pollex, MaRC
Account Manager | RockTenn

Mr. Joe Puntillo, MaRC
In-Store Mdsng.Pckgng Mgr. | Wrigley Canada

Mr. Tim Richardson, MaRC
Vice President, Marketing & Sales | AMD Industries, Inc.

Mr. John A. Sakaley III, MaRC | John Sakaley 3, Inc.

Mr. David W. Schultz, MaRC

Mr. Frederick Sklenar, MaRC
Creative Director | Great Northern Corporation

Mr. William L. Smith, Jr., MaRC
Manager – In-Store Presence | The Procter & Gamble Company

Mr. John E. Sprague, MaRC

Mr. Ralph W. Stern, MaRC
Professor | New York City College

Mr. Michael Sucher, MaRC
Account Executive | AMD Industries, Inc.

Mr. Thinh Tran, MaRC
Creative Design Manager | Add Ink

Mr. Glenn Walker, MaRC
Account Executive | Rapid Displays

Mr. Bruce A. Watson, MaRC
Retired | Rapid Displays

Mr. Greg Wege, MaRC
Sales Director | Display Division of the Central Group

Mr. Edward C. White, MaRC
Chairman | E and E Display Group, Inc.

Ms. Carolyn Walker, MaRC
Managing Partner | Response Marketing

Mr. Richard Winter, MaRC
President | POPAI

Ms. June Dutka, MaRC
Director of Marketing | TimBar Packaging & Display