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If you aren’t excited for our Breakthrough Thinking Series in Dallas yet, maybe you will after reading this.

Our Breakthrough Thinking Series include presentations what will keep you up-to-date trends, research, and strategies on a range of topics. On November 7th our speakers will be talking about how to capitalize relationships with consumers, digital signage, and who is in tune with the digital shopper.

Last week we went more in-depth about Al Meyer’s presentation, so this week is all about Alison Embrey Medina.

Click here to learn about Al Meyer’s presentation

Alison Embrey Medina is the Executive Editor of DDI Magazine based out of the Atlanta Area. She is in charge of delivering timely content for the DDI magazine and website, as well as being a expert speaker for events such as GlobalShop and EuroShop. If you’re not familiar with DDI, they deliver content about store design, visual merchandising, architecture, marketing and branding.

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For the Future of Retail:2020 event, Medina will be presenting about “..cutting-edge retailers who are successfully blending the online and offline channels, and changing the retail paradigm yet again,” she says. Anyone who has a connection to the retail industry will benefit from listening to Medina’s presentation.

So get excited for her, Al Meyer’s and Jeff Porter’s presentations. Medina says, “In less than an hour, you will gain a visual snapshot of the retail world at large, and be up to date on what is driving the future of change.”

To read more about the November 7, 2013 Breakthrough Thinking Series event and to register, go to the registration page here.

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