Helping the Media Find Answers

POPAI’s Communications Department is an invaluable resource for the media. We provide  current  news that highlights various consumer trends, technology-related public policy, manufacturer to dealer sales statistics and market research surveys. If you are reporting on the marketing at retail industry give POPAI Communications a call.

Helping Members Grow Their Business

POPAI’s press tours, traveling demos and other media-focused programs help POPAI members tell their story and show their products to consumers across the country. Pick your product category — CPG, apparel, snack food items, mobile electronics, and more. Choose your market segments — women, teens, college students, working professionals. Chances are, POPAI Communications has a promotional campaign for you.

Comprehensive Publications

POPAI publishes various publications including  Journal of Marketing at Retail, the only academically based journal for marketing at retail. POPAI provides the latest information on standards, public policy, market research, POPAI events, technology trends and training opportunities in the marketing at retail industry.  POPAI publicationsare available online as well.