POPAI's MaRC program is a certification and continuing education program aimed at keeping individuals current on technology, methods, and research in the in-store marketing industry. 

This program not only raises the standards of the in-store marketing industry, but combines opportunities for members and non-members to learn and collaborate while earning credits for the MaRC certification exam. 

What Does Being MaRC Certified Signify?

This certification is recognized by industry members as an achievement of relevant and extensive education that gives you a competitive edge. It also demonstrates a commitment to continued advancement and professionalism in the industry.

How Do You Receive MaRC Credentials?


To become MaRC certified, first complete the attached registration form and send to


Earn 27 credits, nine in each of the three categories: Strategic, Tactical, and Take Action. Attending one Master’s Event will earn you 18 credits. Credits are earned by attending and participating in qualifying POPAI industry events including webinars and online classes. However, you can only earn nine out of the required 27 credits online. The remaining 18 credits must be earned through attending and/or participating in POPAI’s industry events. 


Once you have earned 27 credits, complete the application to take the MaRC Exam online. Once you pass the exam, you will be MaRC certified for three years. The successful candidate can then add the MaRC designation to his/her business cards and their name will be featured on the POPAI website and displayed at GlobalShop. Continue to take nine credits every three years to maintain your certification. The continuing education credits ensure that you are always at the forefront of the industry and armed with the latest knowledge. 

After earning all 27 Credits, you're eligible to take the Marketing at Retail Certification exam online. It can be taken any time during the year and consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Once the enrollee passes, he/she can identify themselves as MaRC’s on business cards and letterhead. 

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Consider Getting MaRC Certified!

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MaRC Certified Professionals

    Ms. Nicki Albrecht Mr. Richard S. Heyderman Ms. Connie Pollex
    Ms. Julia Allenby Mr. Kenneth W. Howard Mr. Joe Puntillo
    Mr. Steve Bartolucci Ms. Michelle Glaser Jackson Mr. Tim Richardson
    Ms. Barbara Borghi Mr. Tac Johnston Mr. John A. Sakaley III
    Ms. Joann Brandis Mr. Harry Knabb Mr. David W. Schultz
    Mr. Chuck Burns
    Mr. Michael R. Lauber
    Mr. William L. Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Christopher P. Bull Mr. Peter Kornhaber Mr. Frederick Sklenar
    Mr. Jerry Carter Mr. Patrick J. Manna Mr. John E. Sprague
    Ms. Jennifer Cintron Ms. Andrea L. Martin Mr. Michael Sucher
    Mr. Thinh Tran Mr. Kristopher Matheson Mr. Peter J. Corren
    Ms. June Dutka Mr. Brian McCormick Mr. Johnny Vena
    Ms. Carolyn Walker Ms. Lisa Mittchell Ms. Kelly Fischer
    Mr. David L. Foster Mr. Gerald Molitor Mr. Glenn Walker
    Mr. Chuck Godfrey Mr. Greg Moore Mr. Bruce A. Watson
    Ms. Kathy Hammond Mr. Richard Nathan Mr. Greg Wege
    Mr. Larry C. Haugen Mr. F. Pat Pack Mr. Edward C. White
    Mr. H. Aaron Henschel Mr. Thomas Petroni Mr. Richard Winter