Time for New Executives

Time for New Executives

Over the past four or five months we've seen more than 10 top executives resign, step down, retire, etc. What is going on? From the looks of all of the articles, most companies are bringing in more experienced executives or people with successful track records in different strategic plans. Take a look at the image below and see the new replacements. October 15, 2013 - Apple Hires Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts to be Retail Chief Apple wanted to reshape their brick-and-mortars and online efforts to be equally admired. They decided the best person for the job was Angela Ahrendts. At Burberry, Ahrendts oversaw the redesign of Burberry's stores to be more interactive. Apple's main goal for Ahrendts is to make the customer service experience similar whether consumers are walking in or logging on to an Apple store. November 4, 2013  - Blackberry names John Chen CEO John Chen is known for turning around failing companies, and as of November he's been working on Blackberry. Chen’s plans include going back to the company’s roots, focusing on government and enterprise customers. November 13, 2013  - Google Hires P&G’s Kirk Perry to be President of Brand Solutions Google's goal was to work closer with marketers and agencies as the increase their brand marketing online, so they brought in Kirk Perry.  Mr. Arora said, in a statement provided to Ad Age, "Kirk's experience, insights and talent will be incredibly valuable to our partners." December 10, 2013 - GM names Mary Barra CEO Barra joined GM at age 18 and has worked her way up to the top. Barra said she hopes her engineering credentials make her a role model for young people. "With my technical background — I'm an electrical engineer — and I can motivate young women or young men to pursue a career in science," she said. December 19, 2013  - JWT Promotes Peter Sherman to CEO of North America "Since Peter joined JWT earlier this year, he has helped spark renewed momentum in the New York office," said Bob Jeffrey, chairman-CEO of JWT Worldwide, in a statement. "This promotion is a reflection of his drive and effective leadership. There's no clearer evidence of the momentum shift in New York than the office's recent run of new-business wins ." January 8, 2014  - Barnes & Noble announces Michael Huseby as new CEO The previous CEO stepped down after a difficult three-year tenure because of Nook sales and overall sales. Barnes & Noble is hoping promoting Huseby will will help. January 9, 2014  - Family Dollar Promotes Jason Reiser to Executive Vice President Family Dollar Stores, Inc. promoted Jason Reiser because he's " ...proven leadership, merchandising experience and deep understanding of our customer," said Howard Levine, chairman and chief executive. They were confident Reiser will grow both customer trips and market shares. January 10, 2014  - Anheuser-Busch InBev appoints Jorn Socquet as new US Chief Marketing Office The previous Chief decided to leave the company, so Socquet got the job. He has 15 years of experience building brands and a proven track record of innovation. What are your thoughts on this situation? The hiring of Microsoft and LivingSocial's CEO are TBD, but the appointments should be relatively soon. Microsoft has been without a CEO for four months.


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