Successful Seasonal Marketing : Valentine's Day

Successful Seasonal Marketing : Valentine's Day

Candied hearts, roses, cupid, red, pink. All the things that come to mind when you think of Valentine's Day. With Valentine's Day being one of the biggest spending holiday, having a successful marketing campaign is key. 

Business 2 Community has a great article rounding up successful seasonal campaigns that have great Valentine's Day successful. Key marketing strategies: 

1. Nostalgia wins 

2. Don't forget the singles on this holiday 

3. A heartwarming message wins if done right 

4. Changing your product, packages, etc. for the holiday works. 

I love seeing specific holiday displays in stores as well. Take a look at this Pepsi display in a Wal-mart in Upstate New York. image via Derrell Smith

What other seasonal displays have you seen?


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