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Stores Revolutionizing Shopper Experiences

Stores Revolutionizing Shopper Experiences

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There is one thing on shoppers' minds when they go into a store or restaurant, and that is to buy. They're buying clothes, food, and lumber,but you also want them to buy your brand. I'm not just talking about your brand products, but your whole brand. The ultimate goal is to turn a shopper into a brand loyalist and have them keep coming back for more. The way we do this, by giving them the best shopper experience.

The best shopper experience is a rather general statement since this can mean anything to each individual shopper. But, I like to step back and think, "would this make me want to buy?" "would that make me want to tell my friends about this brand?" Business Insider did a great job of compiling a list of companies and stores that are revolutionizing the customer experience.

The one's that directly relate to brick-and-mortar customer experiences are:

The Container Store provides their employees with great benefits. 
It is proven that when employees like their jobs and receive benefits, they give the best customer service. They use the store-provided materials and regulations to enhance a customer's experience.

Applebee's Tablets at the Table.  
They took the most annoying part of dining and wining out. Instead of waiting for your check to pay and then leave, each table will have a tablet to process your payment when you want. Just imagine the possibilities that leaves in-store marketing. A tablet on each table can be used for more than just paying. We'll probably be seeing more innovations like the Pizza Hut table very soon.

Forever 21 fast turnaround of fashion.
Forever 21's sales have increased 82% in five years because they know their customer. They know teenagers want the new fashions right away and they deliver. This may not work for every demographic or every store, but sometimes fast replenishment is needed.Nordstrom is uniting online and offline commerce.  By showing their most "pinned" items and having a kiosk in various departments, Nordstrom is able to help their shopper buy the most popular items where ever and whenever they want.

For all 26 of  Business Insider's examples, go here. 


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