Peapod Creates Virtual Grocery Store

Peapod Creates Virtual Grocery Store

Thanks to Peapod, the future of grocery shopping is finally here–in a campaign that merges the convenience Peapod offers through their internet ordering and delivery services with a shopper’s smartphone. How? Easy: point and scan, no customer service clerk required. 

The campaign stretches all across the U.S., littering 100 subway stations with digital billboards mimicking mini-grocery aisles displaying up to 50 products, each complete with a picture, price, and an easily scannable barcode. Once the barcode is scanned using the shopper’s smartphone, the product is then added to their Peapod list. 

For busy urban commuters, this is the grocery shopping dream: no waiting in line and no trekking to and from the store via public transportation. And in addition to eliminating the difficulties of shopping in large urban areas without a car through delivery services, the app gives commuters the opportunity to shop during a mundane part of their day–waiting for the train. Considering that the core Peapod customer spends over an hour on public transportation each day, with this app, it’ll never be less of a big deal to remember you’re out of milk. 

The real beauty of the application is that it functions as both an ad for the Peapod mobile app, as well as working on a functional level in its enticement of potential shoppers. All in all, an interactive win/win. Curious to see this commuter magic work without visiting your local train station? See the app in action, below, courtesy of Titan Worldwide:  

Having already revolutionized grocery shopping through delivery services and the internet, it wasn’t long before Peapod hopped on the mobile train. So far, they’re navigating the track pretty well.


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