MEMBER PROFILE: One Source Industries's CEO Joe Baksha

MEMBER PROFILE: One Source Industries's CEO Joe Baksha

 We are excited to post our first ever POPAI member profile. We look forward to posting a member profile each month to highlight our proud members. If you're interested in a profile or want to recommend a member, please let us know. Our first profile is with 

POPAI (Katie): What attracted you to OSI? 
Creativity, flexibility, and speed to market. I’ve been involved in POP, printing, packaging and displays for much of my career. I know the business well and I like it – it’s dynamic and exciting and continually evolving. OSI had an excellent base of industry-leading consumer product companies as customers, and the equipment and capabilities to do outstanding work. I saw a lot of potential in OSI that I felt could be leveraged into a larger and more successful business. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining OSI? 
Doubling the size of the company in three years.The most important thing is to have a plan and make sure everyone is on board. Break down silos and empower teams to push forward. When I started with OSI, the company had talented people but needed clear strategic direction. I’ve done turn arounds at several companies in my career, so I applied much of what I learned though those experiences to OSI. I looked at all aspects of the business, from accounting and sales to operations, locations, financial agreements and contracts. I added structure that wasn’t there before and put all the companies efforts on the same page. Although we had all the infrastructure there, we needed to differentiate the company. This is a big industry with a lot of competition. So we came up with the strategy to offer the entire package of point-of-purchase services that customers need – a “one-stop-shop” philosophy. OSI not only plans, designs and builds a display, but it can also source the products, package them and ship the complete piece so all a retailer has to do is take it out of the of box. Very few companies can handle a project from start to finish and that sets us apart. Our customers love it because it saves them a lot of time and hassle in following up on the various elements of a project, plus it is more cost efficient. 

What has been your biggest obstacle? 
Getting our name and capabilities out to the masses. The most powerful ways to get our name out are through Press Releases, followed by trade show attendance. 

As a producer, in general, what are the biggest obstacles for the in-store marketing industry? 
Marketing segments that operate in Silo’s. 

How do you approach these segments or do you stay away from them? 
By creating “diamond” relationships (as opposed to "bow tie relationships”) calling on the clients at all levels and job descriptions. 

How are you changing the way you produce displays with the ever-increasing number of multichannel consumers? 
Like Wayne Gretzky, we are going where the puck is going, not where it is. True portals for omni channel marketing. 

Can you expand on what you mean by "true portals for omni channel marketing"? Where would you say the puck is going? 
Many folks think Omni-Channel marketing as nothing more than a kiosk in a store. The kiosk doesn’t do you any good if you are not capable of executing and on-line experience in a brick and mortar environment. The puck is headed toward displays that can create a complete “on-line experience.”

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We've heard about your new technology, Display Array, from an exclusive sneak peek, how do you think this technology will change the shopping experience? 
For the shopper, retailer, and brand: The amount of streaming content and its diverse nature, will capture anyone’s attention and draw them into the “decision zone.”

How are you convincing brands and retailers to use it? For our readers, can expand more on the "decision zone"? 
If we have to “convince” someone, we are talking to the wrong audience! Absolutely no one we have spoken to failed to see the merits. To date it is still said that 75% of all decisions are made three feet from the shelf. Goal therefore is to get them there. 

So how does the Display Array get them there? 
It’s designed to give you a multitasking experience. We're comfortable while multitasking, but when you go shopping you're almost monotasking. So what this video strip does is brings the customer nine different screens simultaneously, so now you’re multitasking. You’re now in your comfort zone. It’s bringing in information and excitement to guide you into that three foot section and say “hey I want this stuff.” And so there’s no interface between the shopper and the Display Array, in terms of them being able to ask the display a question and getting an answer. It’s just bombarding them with interesting images. We believe that people can do at least 10 things at once so we have 9 screens and looking at the the product is the 10th thing. 

Your press release states that the Display Array increases the customer's associations and intentions of choosing a product by 64%. That seems really high. Are the customers actually buying the product or just picking it up more? How and where was this measured? 
The latest test was in store, and sales at the store were almost double compared to the  same store sales in the first two weeks. Tests have been conducted with Soft Drinks, Baby Diapers, and Jeans.

Click here to see the Display Array in action. 

How do you see Display Array changing the future of displays? What are your goals for this new technology? 
The ability to change content almost instantaneously --have displays current with the date, time, weather, or latest news, as opposed to a display that could be obsolete the day it is installed.  It will drive consumer interest and sales. Our goal is to get this type of technology in every major retailer. 

Thank you Joe for your time and stay tuned next month for another member profile. Again, if you're interested in being profiled or know a POPAI member who is inspirational, let us know. Either email or


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