Infographic: Brands Jay Z Mentions the Most

Infographic: Brands Jay Z Mentions the Most

Happy Infographic Friday! You might be thinking, "Jay Z, really? Why is POPAI posting this?" Just think about it. Jay Z sold more than 500,000 copies of his latest album in the first week of its release,  in a time where more people pirate music than buy it. He has a loyal fan base not just because of his music but also because of his wife, Beyonce, and other conglomerates he owns. He is a big influencer. Having Jay Z mention your brand or product in a song is free advertising. Maybe brands should figure out how to reach Jay Z and other rappers/artists. 

Take a look at this infographic Vanity Fair made to show which brands Jay Z mentioned the most from 1996-2013. 
Brands Jay Z mentionspicture via Vanity Fair


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