Drink More, Tweet Less

Drink More, Tweet Less

  Tweeting, Instagraming, Liking, Snapchatting, are all the rage in brand strategy. We're telling companies to implement strategies to attract the digital consumer, but do we have this all wrong? I was a little surprised to read about Amstel’s new app and overall ad campaign of unplugging, but with more thinking, it’s actually brilliant. What drinker is going to say no to a free beer? 

The new app, developed by Next Digital Creative Agency (Next-DC) and only available in Bulgaria, challenges users to not use their phone for eight hours, and if they succeed they get a free beer. At first I thought it would be a simple task, but then I remembered how naked I feel without my phone. Checking email, looking at Twitter mentions, Facebook chatting are all instinctual gestures when the notifications pop up. But when times are rough and a challenge seems like fun, it would be great to do something for get a free beer.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.20.06 PMA screenshot from their iTunes app page. Seems like it could be a little confusing to work.   

My concern is if the challenge will get interrupted if you receive a phone call. Amstel has also done other unplugging scenarios for their campaign such as waiting in front of a vending machine for three minutes to get a free beer and locking up patrons of bars' cellphones while they're at the bar.

See how different shoppers are around the world here

I wonder if North Americans are up to a  challenge like this and how big a campaign like this could get here. What would consumers do if they couldn't tweet/tell all their friends about such a challenge? 

Read more about Amstel's app and campaign at fastcompany.com. They have some great quotes from Next-DC.


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