Better Consumer Understanding through Neuromarketing in Retail

Better Consumer Understanding through Neuromarketing in Retail

How do consumers decide whether or not to select your product over that of your competitor? It may lie in the strength of your marketing campaign. Perhaps you have attempted to make a highly viral video, that either relied on humor or emotion.  No matter your approach, targeting consumers seems to generally be a shot in the dark, right? 

Why Consumers Buy 

Wrong. Enter neuromarketing. This new field is aiming to get a better understanding of the unconscious buying motives of consumers. By using neuroscientific principles in combination with marketing strategy, researchers and professional marketers alike are now able to pinpoint exactly what works. By using a variety of techniques including fMRI, EEG and ECG, researchers have identified the neural processes involved in decision-making and attention when observing advertising and marketing materials. 

Competing for Consumer’s Attention 

Marketing trends are ever-changing. Retailers have to compete for consumers’ attention in more points-of-sale than ever before. Advertising mediums keeps expanding as the mobile market continues to mature, placing an increased importance on web, search and social media marketing. Help your business capitalize on the fluctuating market by implementing the basic principles of neuromarketing into your retail and advertising strategies. 

Neuromarketing World Forum is visiting New York! 

The fast-approaching Neuromarketing World Forum will bring together the best from both sides of the neuromarketing business – researchers and marketers – to share the latest consumer insights and market research approaches. With keynote speakers including Antonio Damasio, Read Montague and Richard Silberstein, and business case presentations from Fox Sports, Estée Lauder and Wafacash, The 3rd annual Neuromarketing World Forum has positioned itself as the undisputed global leader in the industry. 

Discount for POPAI Members 

POPAI is partnering with the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association. POPAI therefore is receiving a special conference registration fee for their members. 

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*this article was provided by the Neuromarketing World Forum


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