Best Buy is Showrooming for Christmas

Best Buy is Showrooming for Christmas

Yes, we are still talking about showrooming. It is not a dead phenomena. But, I'm happy to say that retailers are getting smart enough to embrace it. Look at Best Buy's Christmas campaign! They are using the word showrooming in their commercials -- do people outside of this business know that term? 

Not only is the commercial funny, but it makes people trust Best Buy. It's as if Best Buy is saying, "Go ahead, showroom in our stores, because we know our in-store price is better." It's a great message to shoppers to be confident in purchasing in the store, and a little humor in a commercial is always better. 

Research has shown that laughter and comedy makes socially awkward and bad things more easy to cope with. Best Buy is doing just that with the concept of showrooming in their holiday campaign. You'll see commercials with Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, LL Cool J, and Jason Schwartzman this holiday season.  


What do you think of their campaign strategy? It makes me want to buy a tablet. 

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