Australian Flooring Store Uses Digital Signage

Australian Flooring Store Uses Digital Signage

  You say shopping, I think of clothing stores. You say interactive screens, I think tech stores. You say shopping with digital interactive screens, I think Nike stores. When I read about an Australian flooring store using interactive digital screens I was a little surprised. A home decor store using such technology is great.

See iPads used in a retail space for digital signage

Choices Flooring, an Australian Flooring company, enrolled the help of Prendi to create an interactive experience for their customers. Prendi created 55" touchscreens that show Choices Flooring 800+ flooring products. Customers go to the "Inspiration Station," pick the product type, pick the room, and see which option they prefer. If they find something they like, they can then print a picture in the store with all the information and/or email it themselves. Watch the signage in action: 


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As a person who loves home decor shopping, this is amazing. When a consumer is purchasing such an investment the more they can visual it in their space, the better. It makes sense for a flooring store to have this technology. Does anyone know if flooring stores or other decor stores have this kind of technology? Will this pop up in more stores?

To find out more about reasons why Choices Flooring used Prendi and the customer experience from it, watch the following video. It's an interview with Choices Flooring Marketing Group Manager, Jason Verstak.



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