ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: POPAI Edition

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: POPAI Edition

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the nation, it was only a matter of time POPAI would be challenged. Thanks to Rich Carrigan, President of United Displaycraft and current POPAI Chairman, POPAI President Richard Winter was nominated to dump a bucket of ice on his head to help strike out ALS.

Richard gladly accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge and completed the task during our Annual POPAI Members Reception at the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago. With 30 onlookers, Richard and five other volunteers poured full buckets of ice over themselves. 

We're more than pleased to be a part of the strike against ALS. For all you who may not know, one of our industry leaders, Sandy Carrigan, passed away last year with it, so we are happy to help spread the awareness about the disease and how to help raise funds for it. 

If you'd like to help this strike, you can contribute to the Sandy's Soldiers ALS Network funding page, at the LES Turner ALS Foundation Donation Page, or the ALS Association.

Enjoy the video and individual pictures. 

The Participants & Nominations (from left to right):

Richard Winter, POPAI, in honor of Sandy Carrigan and Mike Heneghan's Family - Nominating all POPAI Executive Committee Members and Past Chairs

Chris Politick, United Displaycraft, in honor of Sandy Carrigan - Nominating Brian Yew

Taylor Parkes, SMP In-Store Marketing Solutions,  - Nominating Mike Howley and Chris Young

Steve Seager, Nestle, in honor of striking out ALS - Nominating his nephew Kyle Johnson

Kristina Burokas, United Displaycraft, in honor and support of the Carrigan family - Nominating Renata Borucki and Matt Dutz

Robert Swan, TimBar Packaging & Display, in honor of Mike Heneghan's family.

Thanks again to all the participants and the challengers. If you were challenged or your company has already participated, show us your video and pictures! 

To watch Rich nominate Richard, go here


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