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Aldi Plans to Enter China

According to Reuters and the German monthly Manager Magazin, Aldi is looking to open stores in China due to the company's..

Retailers Closed For Thanksgiving

It looks like U.S. retailers listened to their shoppers last year. More than a handful of stores will not be opening thei..

Pepsi Goes Digital For NFL Strategy

By: Bryan Reid As the official soft drink partner of the National Football Association (NFL), Pepsi has deep roots in..

Buffett To Acquire Duracell From Procter & Gamble In A $4.7 Billon Stock Trade

By Bryan Reid World-renowned business mogul Warren Buffett has acquired another fine piece of business on behalf of h..

UGG Sees Rise In Sales and Unveils Omni-Channel Storefront

By Bryan Reid The brand UGG Australia is synonymous for accessorizing the feet of women with cozy, sheepskin lined sh..

Today's Shopper Profiles (POPAI Research Insights)

No shopper is the same, but they do share similar beliefs and perceptions of the store. POPAI’s predictive shopper ..

What will the Holidays Bring Retailers?

The holiday season this year has only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas. This less-than-4-week window has retail..

United Displaycraft Doubles Down on Solar

"Going Green" has been a trend for awhile across all markets, but there's still been thoughts that it may be hard for man..

Singles Spend More Than $9 Billion In One Day

By: Bryan Reid Alibaba, a multi-billion dollar e-commerce company based in China, has capitalized on the country&rsqu..

Apple, Louis Vuitton, and Facebook Among Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands In 2014

By: Bryan Reid Interbrand, an industry-leading expert in all things brand centric, recently released their annua..

Veterans Day 2014 Incentivizing Consumers To Spend Money

By: Bryan Reid Veterans Day, formally known as Armistice Day, is an official United States holiday that honors people..

Brand Conversion (POPAI Research Insights)

Making it on the shoppers list is only half the battle for today’s brands. With a large variety of products availab..

The New Path to Purchase for Skincare, Cosmetics & Perfume (Infographic)

POPAI France presents a new 1,2,3 Contacts study conducted by SENSO. The study was broken into two parts, one being from..

POPAI Welcomes Massimo Volpe to POPAI HQ

POPAI is pleased to announce the transition of Massimo Volpe into the POPAI Headquarters in Chicago, Il as the Vice Pres..

2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study: In-Store Decision Rate (POPAI Research Insights)

Having an understanding of where shoppers are making purchase decisions provides retailers, brands, producers, and agenci..

Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass TV By 2016

By: Bryan Reid The advertising world, like many other creative industries, runs on continuous innovation and evolutio..

Microsoft Slashes Global Advertising Team By 18,000

By: Bryan Reid Technology powerhouse Microsoft laid off approximately 3,000 employees last week, finishing one of its..

Walmart and Amazon Lead The Black Friday 2014 Shopping Rush

By: Bryan Reid The retail environment is a battleground during the holiday season as stores compete to win the busine..

Whole Foods and AT&T Integrate New Digital Signage Into Retail Stores

By: Bryan Reid Retailers are putting a big emphasis on providing a unique, in-store shopping experience, and digital ..

Halloween Sales Are Conjuring Big Numbers In 2014

By: Bryan Reid One of biggest consumer holidays, Halloween, is gearing up to be a huge hit for retailers as sales are..

Apple Hits Road Block As CVS and Rite Aid Disable Apple Pay Service

By: Bryan Reid Two of the biggest pharmacy retailers in the United States, CVS Health Group and Rite-Aid, have taken ..

A Look at the Mass Merchant Shopping Trip (POPAI Research Insights)

In order to begin to identify distinguishing characteristics of the shopping trip, POPAI looked at three primary ele..

POPAI Announces 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

POPAI will induct its 2014 class of Hall of Fame Honorees at the Night of Honors Celebration in Orlando, Florida, Ja..

POPAI UK & Ireland POPAI (OMA) Award Winners

POPAI UK & Ireland held their Annual POPAI Awards this month just as we begun our ramp up tower our Annual OMA Awards..

POPAI Research Insights: Planned Shopper Categories

What does the mass merchant shopper actually come to buy? When looking at the top-planned categories, m..