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Packaged Bread: Where the Purchase Decisions Take Place

Even though Grocery shoppers are only slightly more likely to purchase Private Label Packaged Bread than their Mass counterpa..

Participate in the 2015 POPAI Compliance Initiative Study!

Last year POPAI commissioned the first phase of the Compliance Initiative to understand the level of successful execution of ..

Cereal: Private Label vs. National Brands

National Brands dominate the Cereal subcategory, particularly in the Mass channel, where only 1 in 10 purchases are Private L..

Cereal: Distinguishing Characteristics of The Cereal Shopping Trip

Mass Cereal shoppers are more likely to be on Grocery-related trips than the average Mass shopper, and Cereal shoppers spend ..

Cereal: The Effectiveness of In-Store Cereal Displays

Displays are an essential tool in the Cereal category, with Cereals nearly twice as likely to be selected from displays than ..

Pop-Up Store Trend On The Rise

By: Bryan Reid It is a known fact that brick-and-mortar stores aren't the only option for brands and retailers with p..

Cereal: Where the Purchase Decisions Take Place

It was observed that Cereal shoppers in Mass Merchants behave more like Grocery shoppers. Cereal purchases are specifically p..

POPAI Welcomes CVS Health To Membership

We are happy to announce CVS Health as the newest member to POPAI growing membership! As America's leading pharmacy retai..

Personal Care: Private Label vs. National Brands

Personal Care shoppers are particular when purchasing various products of the Personal Care category. In the last two dec..

Wal-Mart ShippingPass Plans To Be At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever

By: Bryan Reid As retailers race to deliver consumers their goods at record pace, especially with Amazon’s indu..

Personal Care: Identifying Distinguishing Characteristics of the Shopping Trip

Mass Personal Care shoppers are more likely than their counterparts to be on regular, larger grocery trips, especially th..

POPAI Member News: One Source Industries Opens New Facility in San Pedro, Calif.

One Source Industries, LLC (OSI), a provider of global supply chain managed solutions for point of purchase (PO..

Amazon Prime Day Sets Sights On Surpassing Black Friday Deals

By: Bryan Reid Look out Black Friday, online retail giant Amazon is looking to supersede the 90-year-old shopping..

Personal Care: Quantify the Effectiveness of In-Store Displays

The Personal Care purchase process in Mass Merchant stores relies heavily on displays, especially when products are ..

2015 POPAI University Master's Program Open For Registrations

Expand your expertise and deepen your understanding of one of the most effective marketing mediums; in-store marketing an..

RockTenn Company and MeadWestvaco Corporation Begin Operations at WestRock Company

By: Bryan Reid As of July 1st, RockTenn Company and MeadWestvaco Corporation began operations as the newly created We..

Sears Launches "Smart Home" Products in Flagship Storefront

Sears is looking toward the future for its new connected home showrooms. The initiative is in sync with the rapid growth ..

Personal Care: Where the Purchase Decision Takes Place

Research, lists, and product experimentation Shopping the Personal Care category is planned over a third of the..

Mariano's Fresh Market Opens Biggest Location Yet!

By: Bryan Reid As Mariano’s Fresh Market continues expanding their presence throughout Chicagoland, they've rec..

Top 10 Innovative Products from Cannes Festival

This years Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity saw a large number of world-changing product designs and cam..

2015 West Coast POP Show is Open For Entries!

POPAI's Annual West Coast POP Show is now open for entries! Deadline: Friday, September 11, 2015 Inspire the Wes..

Call for Nominations: 2015 POPAI Night of Honors Honorees

POPAI is pleased to announce that the 2015 Night of Honors call for nominations is open. Each year at the Annual N..

POPAI European Chapter Meeting

On June 18, 2015, eight of the POPAI Chapters met to discuss the past 12 months and the remainder of 2015. The POPAI Chap..

Salty Snacks: Private Label vs. National Brands

Salty Snack purchases are highly brand dependent as planning rates differ by brand, with the popularity of the brand poss..

MEMBER PROFILE: The AdArt Company & Joseph M. DeMarco

Interview by: Bryan Reid POPAI’s member profile series continues with a look into Los Angeles-based design firm..