Typographical System Of Units

System developed by the Parisian typecaster Pierre Simon Fournier where the basic unit is the typographical point (abbreviated p), where 1 m = 2660 p or 1 p = 0.3759 mm. Other units are nonpareil = 6 points, brevier = 8 points, cicero (c) = 12 points and canon = 48 points. These designations stem from type sizes which originally had their own names. The restructuring of the measuring system officially brought an end to this typographical system of units in Germany at the end of 1977. In practice, however, it continues to be used, the units being rounded to 5/100 mm. The system in place today is therefore as follows: 1 p = 0.375 mm and 1 c = 4.5 mm. The point system is used in the Anglo-Saxon area and is derived from the inch. With this system 1 point (pt) = 0.351 mm, 1 pica = 12 pt, 1 inch = 6 pica. Also worthy of note is the DTP point where 1 pt = 0.352 mm.

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