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Webinar: Compliance


Compliance & The Paradox of Choice

Join Dr. Hugh Phillips of PFB Toronto for two highly rated presentations that focus on two key issues facing in-store marketing: compliance and the 'Paradox of Choice'. Shopper marketing programs are only as strong as their in-store marketing campaigns. Examine new findings around retailer compliance rates and what it means for the entire industry as well as the shopper.

Each presentation presents highly relevant, innovative information curated using invaluable research that is especially relevant to brand owners and retailers, as they deal with critical strategic issues determining how to realistically develop strategies and deploy resources. Both presentations dig deep into in-store, and argue that apparently minor but significant changes in the planning cycle are absolutely essential in the modern trading environment. The need is for clarity by both simplifying our objectives and rationalizing our logistics. The issue is not so much what we are doing but the way that we do it.



About the Speaker

Dr. Hugh Phillips
President | Phillips, Foster & Boucher Inc.

Dr. Hugh Phillips is an internationally recognized expert on the cognitive psychology of shopping—the study of consumer perception, information processing and decision-making. He holds a PhD on this topic and has published widely; his latest book, The Cognitive Psychology of Shopping and In-Store Marketing is available as an ebook.

Dr. Phillips is president of PFB Inc. based in Toronto and Montreal; a full service agency but especially known for strategy and research. Hugh has worked with leading manufacturers and retailers throughout North America, including P&G, Cadbury, J&J, Coca-Cola, Rona and ConAgra.

Dr. Phillips is an accomplished writer and spent three years as a professor of marketing at Montreal’s McGill University. He has appeared as an expert witness in the US Federal Court, served on a government committee and is a well-known speaker for industry organizations such as POPAI and the Path to Purchase Institute.


Dates & Times

July 31, 2013
2:00 PM CST

August 14, 2013
2:00 PM CST


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