A New Committee: POPAI Women’s League



Last Fall a couple of women in the merchandising industry had a brilliant idea to fill a void. That void was a group where women in the POP industry could come together to network, educate each other and empower other professional women. In December 2013, a group of dynamic women gathered at POPAI HQ in Chicago and formed a league, POPAI’s Women’s League (PWL).

Today, we are happy to announce POPAI’s Women’s League as a new committee under the POPAI Association. This group of women consists of POPAI members and nonmembers, who work in the merchandising and shopper marketing industries.

PWL will hold quarterly cocktail meetings with guest speakers, host an annual volunteer activity, and throw a hospitality event during GlobalShop for networking and recruitment of other powerful women.

Visit their LinkedIn page to join and get more information about the kick-off event at GlobalShop!

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2 Responses to A New Committee: POPAI Women’s League

  1. Alysia Kelley says:

    Hi, Is there a Womens league event actually scheduled? The Linked in page has not information. I though I received an invitation for one a while back but cannot find the email….help trying to finalize my Global plans thank you!



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