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LMi Designs

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Retail Stores Need To Be Fun, Stimulating, Exciting; They Must Have Great Displays To Attract Shoppers in Today’s Economic Environment. The More Time a Customer Spends in the Store, Chances Are Much Improved For Increased Sales.

LMi Specializes in Designing Store & Displays For The Purpose of Increasing Traffic & Sales. We Design The Entire Concept, Theme, and Logo. We Design the Floor Plan, Traffic Pattern, Aesthetics; the Lighting, Visual Effects, LED Systems, & Video Displays. LMi Builds the Design From The Ground Up. We Have a Talented Team of Craftsmen To Create Brand New Store or Just One New Display. We Manage The Installation & Construction To Assure On Time Completion. Call LMi Designs (212) 252-2152

From Initial Concepts & Logos, Wall Displays, or Store Lighting, to a Complete New Design, Window Display, Entrance, or Visual Effect.

We Offer Visual Merchandising, Window Displays, and Creative Alternatives. Video Walls, LED and 3D Effects, Display Systems, Lighting

For New Stores, We Provide All Architectural Drawings and Handle the Approval Process And Permits To Expedite The Process.

We Create Stimulating Displays, Wall Systems, Video Displays, & Retail Environments That Do Not Require The Permit Process As Well. Cosmetic Changes And New Wall Systems Are an Affordable Way To Create a New Store Appearance Without all the Time and Expense.

We Offer Many Retail Store Services & Always Offer a Cost Free Consultation.

LMi Designs Has Designs & Solutions For Budgets & Time Frames.

For More Information, Please Call LMi Designs (212) 252-2152