2014 Retail Trends Round Up


All the big media outlets have published their 2014 trends, predictions, leaders, etc. but we’re assuming you don’t have all the time in the world to read them all. Here’s a nice round-up list that pertain to us in the marketing at retail industry.

fma-logo-400x200Frank Mayer: The Retail Imperative for 2014

Four of Frank Mayer’s executives sat down and shared their opinions on what is going to happen in retail in 2014. Top takeaways: Beacon technology, Demo displays and stations in store, and less is more trend from 2013 will continue. Read the full answers here.

retail-predictionsPOPAI’s 2014 Predictions

We compared last year with this year and came up with new trends to watch out for. Our list includes tablets, health related campaigns, customized shopping experiences, Pinterest, and personalized shopping messages in store and out of store via mobile apps. Read all of the details here.

Biz Community:[2014 trends] The face of retail is about to change

This is more of an opinion piece, but it brings up more tech trends we didn’t include in ours. Highlighted points are showrooming, 3D printing, gamification (this will probably be huge), augmented reality, and interactive windows. Click here to read the entire opinion piece.

Hot Marketing Trends For 2014Direct Marketing News: Hot Marketing Trends for 2014

They asked 30 marketing experts to predict what will catch fire in marketing in 2014. The trends were:

1.Content is all about the customer

2. Mobile will take the wheel

3. There will be marketing ROI

4. Data looms large, not big

And several other topics that individuals brought up.

Take a look at their website to see what each expert had to say.

Social Fresh : Social Media Trends in Retail

Carlos Gill compiled a great list of trends retailers are doing in social media and how to make it successful in 2014. Key points:

1. Build your community on all social media platforms. It’s a great way to leverage loyalty and shows your customers you can be reached anywhere. But you must tell them what’s in it for them (example: get recipes, home improvement tips, coupons, etc.)

2.Don’t oversell your brand on social media platforms. People who are using this platforms are intelligent and know what each post means to you, so use photos and tag lines.

3. Build actual ROI by offering your customers mobile coupons exclusively through one or multiple social channels

4. Collaborate

Read the entire article here

Hopefully this is helpful. The only thing that’s missing is more about the actual displays. Who has trend predictions for that?

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